LLB has well established and implemented full-fledged international quality systems, standards and procedures since inception under MTRL and been consciously practicing for a decade now. We make it so vital and integral for our professional recognition and sustenance, and continuous growth in our chosen businesses.

Complying consciously with IBSC, RCGM and DBT; IAEC and CPCSEA; GLP; Pharmacopeias; and such key regulations as FDA, EMA, ICH, OECD, WHO, ISO and Schedule Y, our Quality Assurance and Management Unit ensures high degree of process, product, analytical and technology developments and validations; technology transfers; R&D and Test Facility management, operations and services; and ultimately the business conducts.

A well experienced Product Manager, Service Manager or Project Manager is dedicated as relevant to the partner or client throughout the course and cycle to ensure the success of the project. The partners and clients are pleased with the ease of project administration and execution without compromising time, cost, efficiency and quality.

Well structured and systemized internal and external audits are regularly conducted to ensure full-compliant, time-bound, cost effective, and most satisfactory deliverables.

We are valued and preferred for our systematic and detailed approaches, high due diligence, responsible executions, high-compliant documentations, and unparalleled ethics and integrity.

With diverse knowledge and proven expertise, we are committed to advancing your business from Lead to Product or Service and beyond.