Dr.Senthil Kumar Sundarrajan Principal Scientist

He is responsible for development of product pipeline, project management, supply chain, Intellectual Property, day to day operations of the R&D facility. He has co-ordination with the statutory bodies related to R&D and -operations and is involved in conducting feasibility studies of the projects, project management, planning and implementation, purchase, supply chain, Intellectual property etc.

Dr.Saravana Kumar Senior Scientist

Dr.Saravana kumar is a molecular biologist with 15 years of research experience. He has completed his PhD degree at Centro De Investigaciones Biologicas, Madrid (Spain).He has carried out projects on vaccine development for Leishmaniasis, functional characterization of plant redox proteins. He has experience in gene expression in bacteria and purification by chromatography techniques.

Mr.Kirubahar Scientist

Mr. Kirubahar is having 14 years of Industrial experience in microbial fermentation technology in various fields. He has extensively worked in production of Biosimilar molecules, Industrial enzymes, Probiotics, Statins, Nutraceuticals, Immuno suppressants & antibiotics. He has commendable experience in Fermentation technology process development and Technology transfer to commercial level.