Business Model

The world is attracted to biosimilar medicines today due to their enormous potential to save money for the overall healthcare industry and patients, and thereby for the Governments and policy makers. This has opened up new avenues for affordable health in the future overwhelmingly.

LLB strives to take this opportunity far-reaching to the public and has drawn up an integrated approach to provide comprehensive or selective technology, product, analytical, preclinical and/or clinical development for those who share similar vision and seek such partnerships, supports and services; and to develop its proprietary products and take directly to the public on its own with no conflict of interests with its partners and associates.

With decades of combined biotechnology expertise, we carefully choose the therapeutic areas and products. We lay great emphasis on cell-line technology and try to innovate around the process development to produce biosimilars at an affordable cost that would benefit humanity and enhance the reform of biosimilars around the world.

On strong foothold, LLB envisages to expand its endeavours from biosimilars to biobetters and biosuperiors besides striving with novel biologics and stem cell research.