Advisory Board

Dr. M. Ganesan, Ph.D Managing Director

Dr. M. Ganesan is the Founder and Managing Director of Luminol Biopharma Private Limited. A Scientist turned an Entrepreneur, set-up his own Clinical Research Centre in 2005 and progressively expanded to Pharma and Biopharma businesses. He is a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Sciences from College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, Tamilnadu. Dr. Ganesan is a first generation entrepreneur and has a multi-role experience in Pharma and Clinical research.

Dr. Ganesan is a true visionary and an accomplished entrepreneur today. He has genuine concerns on public health and is passionated to serve the society with affordable health care and creating more of employment opportunities to the scientific community as well. He has a professionally dedicated team of more than 350 scientists who are involved in the world of innovative healthcare and applied life sciences. He along with his team of highly skilled scientists relentlessly transforms his vision to the reality of achieving the common goal to serve the humanity.

Dr. Ganesan is a well-known personality in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries. He has been a Clinical Research Specialist in India. He has established a numerous clinical research laboratories across India, those meet the stringent GLP and GCP global regulatory requirements.

Dr. V. Vijayan, Ph.D Chief Executive Officer

Dr Vijayan is Doctorate in Microbiology from the Central University, Pondicherry and shares 3 decades of multifaceted experience in Biotechnology.

He has distinctly served ICMR with WHO collaboration, NDDB through Indian Immunologicals Limited and Human Biologicals Institute, SPIC Pharma, Cadila Pharma and Unichem Labs among other prominent biotech industries progressively in the ladder and reached the top well deservedly.

Dr. Vijayan acquired deliberately a unique blend of R&D and Manufacturing proficiency coupled with ARD, QC, QA and RA expertise in Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals to bridge the science with commerce and make sure of his research endeavours always deliver to the public. He stands true to his master studies in Applied Microbiology. He has been accoladed for his practical approach since his Doctoral Thesis.

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Dr. P.K. Ghosh, Ph.D

Dr. Prasanta Kumar Ghosh acquired his M. Tech in Chemical Engineering & Chemical Technology followed by his Ph.D from Calcutta University.

He worked initially with the Government of India, where he held several key positions; he retired from the government service as the Advisor from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology in May 2002. He handled the Indian Drugs Policy and Drugs Pricing in several facets during the initial years from 1968 to 1980 and made significant contributions.

In biotechnology, his major contributions are recognized towards conceptualizing and implementing bio-safety issues related to the use of genetically modified organisms in research and applications; facilitating intellectual property protection; transferring several technologies from the Universities to the industry and facilitating the creation of several centers of excellence and institutions in the country. His contributions in the creation of policies and processes for the introduction of recombinant DNA products in healthcare and agriculture are acclaimed.

His contributions towards the commercialization of Bt-Cotton technology in India are widely commended.

After retirement, he served Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad, as President of Biotechnology for more than five years developing biosimilars and certain new products that were successfully commercialized.

Dr. Ghosh has more than 80 publications in national and international journals. He authored two books and holds two US Patents on Polymeric Hydrophilic Nano-particles.

For his contributions in promoting biotechnology, he was felicitated with the Udyog Bandhu award from the Chamber of Indian Trade and Industry.

He was the Managing Director of KEE GAD Biogen Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi from Feb 2008 to March 2015.

Dr. G.L.N. Prasada Rao, Ph.D

Dr. Prasada Rao Gandlur is a Renowned Medical Scientist with experience of over 4 decades in India. His best achievement was the contribution to Vaccinology as the Director of Pasteur Institute of India at Coonoor, an autonomous Institute of the Government of India. A Virologist of standing, he has extensively studied outbreaks of Japanese Encephalitis, Dengue and other diseases in India and also developed India's first Anti-Rabies Vaccine for human use in Vero cells. He is an expert in Viral Vaccines, Neurovirulence of Polio Vaccines and Infectious Diseases.

He is presently developing applications for the TOROCELL Disposable Bioreactor System patented jointly with Mr Ravindranath Gandlur. Torocell System has been used for the cultivation of Bacterial, Mycotic, Avian, Insect and Mammalian cells. The system is also suitable for CHO cells for monoclonal antibodies and individualized stem cells, and cancer cells. THIS TECHNOLOGY RECEIVED AN AWARD IN INDIA-INNOVATES GROWTH PROGRAM - YEAR 2016 (IIGP) which is a joint initiative of the Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum, FICCI, Stanford School of Business and University of Texas.

Being a clinician by training and a scientist at heart, Dr. Prasada Rao has developed a clinical data generation and analysis methodology for treatment of patients in a day care medical consultancy.

Dr. Satish Kumar, Ph.D

Dr Satish Kumar was awarded Master of Science in Animal Genetics and Breeding in 1979 while working as Junior Research Fellow at the National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, then Andra Pradesh, India and obtained his Ph.D. from Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK in 1994.

He has contributed to Indian Council of Agricultural Research for about two decades in various capacities from 1982 to 1999. He is currently serving Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, CSIR, Hyderabad and credited with the establishment and usage of gene targeting technology for the first time in India.

Dr Satish is a Member of FAO/ ISAG Advisory Group on Animal Genetic Diversity and an Honorary Fellow of Deakin University, Geelong Victoria, Australia since 2010. He also stands as an Invited Visiting Scientist at International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. He has earlier won Overseas Research Student Award (UK) for 1990-1992 and National Scholarship (India) for StudyAbroad 1988-1993 among various others.